Company Profile

Toyo Koso Kagaku to develop a healthy future by the philosophy of sociality, science and originality.

Toyo Koso Kagaku Co. Ltd. was established in September 1974 as a research-and-development company for the development of medical products, foods, health-related products and others.

With our principles of Sociality, Science and Originality, we’ve developed the function and the use of natural ingredients from its planning to manufacturing since its establishment. By researching the use of microorganisms (cultivation and fermentation), analyzing the ingredients, bioactivation, stabilizing, physiological activities, absorption and preference, we have been developing our unique know-hows and create new products.


Company name Toyo Koso Kagaku Co.,Ltd
Head Office 4-4-27 Horie Urayasu-city Chiba 279-0041 Japan
TEL: 047-355-7111 FAX: 047-351-9382
Factory 105-227 yatimata Ha Yachimata-City Chiba 289-1107 Japan
TEL: 043-441-0311 FAX: 043-442-2288
Paid-up Capital 10M Yen
Description of business 1. Manufacturing & Sales of Enzyme and Fermented  products
2. Manufacturing & Sales of Drugs, Nutrition supplement, Nutritional food
3. Manufacturing & Sales of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Products, Live stock feed and Fertilizer
4. Manufacturing & Sales of Quasi drugs and Cosmetics
5. All other business incidental to the above business
 Board Member CEO  Nobuyuki  Miyaji
Brief Personal History


Joined Toyo Jyozo  (=Asahi Kasei)

Graduated Tokyo University of Pharmacy
(In charge of Developing Medical New Medicine/Clinical Pharmacology)

 1993 Director of Escowarld
2005 Director of Gensai
2007 CEO of Japan Foodeck
Employee No.  38
Factory Yachimata factory…Yachimata –city Chiba
Toyama Bottling Factory…Toyama-city
Bank Account Mizuho Bank  Nishikasai B.O.
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ  bank Urayasu B.O.
Chiba bank Urayasu B.O.
Syokotyukin bank Urayasu B.O.


Train 10Minutes on foot from  the south exit of Urayasu station (Tokyo- metro Tozai line)
Car 10minutes from Urayasu Exit of  Wnagan highway

Company History

September 1974

Toyo Koso Kagaku Co. Ltd. Established (CEO Shigeharu Matsumoto, 2 Million JPY of Capital). Dr. Misao Kazama, Former a Member of Division of Microbiology at National Institute of Health Sciences, Joined as a Technical Advisor.

November Lactic acid bacterium (En.faecalis Kazama) Cultivation. Manufactured Enzymes out of Filamentous Fungi and Bacillus Subtilis.
May 1975 Started Manufacturing a Refined Calcium Drink by Electrochemistry  method.
Oct 1978  Started Manufacturing and Selling Enzyme Fermentation Extract Concentrate of Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs.
December Nobuyuki Miyaji was inaugurated as CEO.
August 1979 Started Technology Exchange with Dainippon Ink and Chemicals over Bacterial Cell Extraction of Blue-Green Algae, Spirulina. 
April 1980 Started the Sale of Spirulina Products.  Made Sales Partnership with Hokkai Times and Other Companies.
July 1981 Obtained the Patent for Manufacturing Method of High Concentrated Drink of Refined Calcium. Concluded License and Sales Patnership agreement with Nissui Pharmaceutical of Nissui Group.
September 1982 Concluded Distribution Agreement for Enzyme and Fermented Food with Ruisui Enterprise Co., Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan (CHEN, RUEI-YU as President). Started the Sale of Freeze-Dried Vegetables “Vegetalife®”.
April 19856 Granule and parvule vegetable product keeping taste a freshness of vegetable, Rich in Nutrition, Easy to Take, Intake by a Small Amount.
July New Office Building Completed in Urayasu, Chiba. Headquarter and Laboratory Moved to the New Office.
February 1986 The Sister Product of “Vegetalife”, “YASAI-EN®” on Sale. Seasoning for Multiple Use. No Other Similar Products as for Ingredients and Usage.
December Calcium Liquid of Oyster Shell Extract that Toyo Koso Kagaku Had Researched as a Medicine Since 1984 on the Outsourcing Project, Approved as a Medical Product for the First in Japan. Excellent Results for its Absorption into Rabbits and Humans.  
May 1987 Started Manufacturing and Selling Health-Oriented Foods Using En.faecalis Kazama’s Bacterial Cell. Contracted with Wakamoto Pharmaceutical for the Mass Cultivation. 
October Asked for the Technical Corporation of New Processed Foods Using Agricultural and Marine Products by Mr. Shigenobu Yashiro, a Member of Chiba Prefectural Assembly, and Mr. Mikihiko Sato, the Mayor of Choshi- City. Submitted the Development and Sales Plan.
April 1988 Contracted with Ms. Kouchi Momoko, the Actress of HAIYUZA, as the Advertising Person of Spirulina Products such as “Rinaspina” and “YASAI-EN”.
April 1989 OEM Supply of Rich Ionized Calcium to ZERIA Healthway Co.,Ltd. (Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.).
July Submitted Tomisato’s Land Use Plan for Food Processing of Agricultural and Marine Ingredients Produced in Chiba Along with Other Private Companies to Chiba Prefecture.
November Started Manufacturing Calcium-Contained Drinks for Companies and Schools as an Original Product of NIKKOKU TRUST Co., Ltd.
December Introduced metabotropic Amino Acids, Citrulline, from French Biology Pharmaceutical. Started the Research of its Physiological function.
March 1992 Started the Supplement Supplies Directly to FANCL for the Attenir Brand: Spirulina, Oligo Sugar, Vitamins and Minerals.
February 1993 Made Manufacture and Sales Alliance with Escoworld Corporation.

April 1994

Technical Corporation for Sanko K.K. to Preserve Freshness and to Prevent discoloration for long period.   Sanko Started Importing Potatoes from China. Ecosworld Started Selling Them in Japan.

Mr. Tadahiko Nakajima who Developed “Vegetalife” and “YASAI-EN” Received the “Prize for Creativity, the Science and Technology Director Award” as “a designer to propose the usage of unused agricultural resources”. 

科学技術庁長官賞を受賞 科学技術庁長官賞を受賞

Unusually shaped vegetables or cull vegetables are still rich in nutrition. We developed freeze-dried vegetables freezing those nonstandard vegetables that did not commercially available, at a minus 35 degrees Celsius and removing water in evacuated status. Those vegetables are “the same as raw vegetables”. Vegetables are processed into powder or flake form. It offers a 100% raw vegetables granules “Vegetalife” and a tasty seasoning sprinkled “Yasaien”.

August 1995 Tested Banaba Leaves (Native to the Philippines) and Mulberry Leaves (Native to Japan) for Lowering Blood Sugar Levels on a mouse and human. (collaborative study with Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life sciences)
December Launched ”Seitoyo®”, Extract Tablets to Control Blood Sugar Level Combined Banaba and Mulberry Leaves.
March, 1997

Developed Freeze-Dried Powder of Placenta Extract Using Raw placenta by SPF standardized pig for the First Time in Japan. The Product had a Competitive Advantage in Color, Odor, Solubility and Other Qualities. Asked for the Development of the new Produce using Nashi (Japanese Pear) by Shiroi- City in Chiba.

May Constructed Yachimata Factory. Research-and-Development Team and Manufacturing Team Moved to the New Factory.
Equipped with Freeze Dryer that Could Dehydrate 200kg. 
October Started Exporting Vegetalife and Spirulina to Korea.
December, 1998 Contracted with the Actress Ms. Rie Katsuragi (Star Actress in ”Toga”, NHK’s Galaxy Drama) as the Advertising Person.
February, 2000 Signed Exclusive Distribution Agreement in Japan with Cyanotech Corporation (USA) for organically cultivating Spirulina used Deep Sea Water.
In December, Signed Distribution Agreement in Japan with Cyanotech for Powerful Anti-Oxidant Pigment, Astaxanthin.
December 2001 Expanded Yachimata Factory.
August 2003 Presented the Research Results Regarding the Effects of Astaxanthin’s Immune Activity at the Society of Physical Strength, Nutrition and Immunity. Onward Presented Multiple Functions Based on Astaxanthin’s Anti-Oxidant Activity at the Meetings and in Journals Inside and Outside of Japan.
February 2007 Started Manufacturing and Supplying the Original Products for Organization of Pharmacies Association in Japan: 5 Hawaiian Spirulina Items as LINA MAX Bland. 
2012 Obtained a Cosmetics License for manufacturing and selling.  Started Manufacturing and Selling Cosmetics Using Placenta and Astaxanthin. 
2013 Signed a Contract to Research and Develop the Functions of Matsutake Mushroom as an Outsourcing Project Using a Public Research Fund for a Chinese Company.
2014 Opened TOYO KOSO KAGAKU Supplement Shop in the 2nd AEON MALL (Close to Ho Chi Minh City) Collaborating with a Local Company. (November 1)